Freshman Year Essentials

10 common day items that will become your best friends as a college freshman living in a dorm room. Note: these are not your typical items that you are expected to bring to college like a mini fridge, TV or laptop with Netflix capabilities, headphones, a love of coffee, etc… these are things that your mom currently has at home or that you use in your everyday life that seem unimportant. I promise you, they are the MOST important. No one told me to bring these things, I had to figure it out on my own, and it took a while. I will save you that trouble.packing

  1. CLOROX WET CLEANING WIPES- They are sold in large tubs at any grocery like store. BUY MULTIPLE, I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! These things will be an easy fix to clean up any mess!

The rest are all pretty equally essential…

  • Plastic baggies- again… sold in big boxes! You can keep snacks for class, keep your phone dry in the shower room, honestly the possibilities are endless!
  • NY Quill- it will come in handy when you’re sick and need to sleep, but even more importantly it will be a lifesaver when it sounds like your neighbors are throwing a party and you have an important exam at 8 am!
  • Plastic storage totes- they fit perfectly under a raised bed and you can keep food, extra soap, clean sheets, clothes you’re not wearing often, and SHOES! It can all be tucked into a few totes and pushed under the bed and pulled out super easy when you need them.
  • Large reusable water bottle-take it to campus everyday and fill it up before you head back to your room for the night. Then you’ve got a full bottle of water for the night and you avoid the need to buy and keep a ton of plastic water bottles in your room.
  • Tupperware containers- leftovers will be your savior when it’s the dead of winter and you don’t want to walk to the dining hall. Anytime you go for food, take and empty container and put your good leftovers in it and keep them in your mini fridge. Midnight snacks have never been easier!
  • Post it notes- leave yourself notes!! Notes about test dates, where you parked your car, reminder to pay your phone bill, motivational notes to get you to work out.. anything. College can get overwhelming and it’s very easy to forget even the most important things.
  • Flip-flops- these will come in handy for more than the showers. You can throw them on when your floor is gross cause you haven’t vacuumed in weeks, throw them on to run to the bathroom, to do laundry, or run down and pay the pizza guy!
  • Paper plates and disposable silverware- you won’t always want to eat in the dining hall so when you take your food to go, or you order pizza, you’ve got things to eat with.
  • Gum- keep it EVERYWHERE! You will be running late and not have time to go down the hall to brush your teeth. Or you’ll wake up in your friend’s room “still tired” from the night before, 5 minutes before class starts. Having gum in your bag will be your saving grace.