The End is HERE

I just wanted to take this time to reflect on some of my random thoughts about the future. After finishing up my final day of undergrad classes I have realized that you truly don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. Moving onto a “professional” career is the most terrifying things I have ever done.

Professors always set expectations for the class at the beginning of the semester, during the famous “SYLLABUS DAY”. And looking forward to my new hire orientation I expect some of the same things. Most of it will be boring, semi useless information that they have to cover simply for liability reasons. But I know that going into this step I will be expected to meet all deadlines and goals set by my superiors. Teachers typically understand when things happen and will give students some wiggle room. I don’t think the job world is like that. They are paying you to do certain things and if you aren’t capable, they will find someone else in a second. That terrifies me! Even though I am good at meeting deadlines and almost never put things off until the last minute…. I am still going into unknown territory. I know some of the tasks that I will be asked to complete and some of the things I need to do, but there is still so much that is unknown to me. What happens if I’m not capable of doing the things that they expect of me in the time frame they give me to complete it!!! I don’t want to be the reason our company fails…. It’s a lot of responsibility to take on as a young adult.

All of that aside, I can’t wait! I want the responsibility! I want the work! And I especially want the money because student loan payments are coming FAST! I think it’s normal and natural to be afraid. What will hopefully make me stand out and help me succeed is my excitement. Graduation is in a handful of days, and my future is all ahead of me!


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