+Positive Vibes+

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”- Alice, Alice in Wonderland.

College is likely one of the most stressful things that people experience in their young adult lives. Some students come in with really high expectations about the social life aspect of college and fail to realize that there is still a school aspect. Once midterm exam grades come flowing in students FREAK… It can be a shock back into reality for some people. If midterms don’t get you down, there’s any mix of social events, school assignments, work hours, student org commitments, etc that can, and likely will stress you out. Moving away from home, learning how to balance money, scheduling your time properly, trying to be involved and have fun- all of it is a lot for students to balance. And that’s only as a freshman. Sophomore year comes quickly with choosing a major, getting involved with the right organizations, starting to build your resume. Junior year swoops in expecting an internship, making sure you’re in all the right classes, figuring out living arrangements, and then the very exciting senior year. GET A JOB, that pays well, that is in your area of study, starting to pay student loans…. And this is the short list for everything that piles on. So learning to stay positive is VERY important.

There are so many resources for students through universities to talk with people who can help you get through whatever might be going on. Talking with friends or professors when things get tough is super important to not getting in over your head. Bad things happen so making sure that your professors are aware, and your friends are up to date with your situation is key to having the understanding and support that you need to get through things. Going from high school to college can be a huge culture shock, just remember that it gets to the best people. There is ALWAYS a positive thing that can be found amongst the darkest times. Reminding yourself of the good things in your life will keep you going.

Keep feelings light and vibes positive. Always move forward, because the sun will rise in the morning and you will have a fresh start to a new day. Attack life with all your power and you’ll be surprised how much you can conquer.


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