Graduation Jitters

As May fast approaches and graduation get closer and closer, I find it super stressful and at the same time, underwhelming.

Everyone says that college is the best 4 years of your life. I can’t say that I believe that. I went through a lot of downs, and only a few ups. I had fun, don’t get me wrong but I can pretty confidentially say that the last 4 years were not the best of my life.

The best way that I can explain why I feel this way, is because I’m not a normal young adult. My parents decided to get a divorce when I was young and I had two little brothers, which caused me to have to grow up really fast. Their divorce took almost 6 years which caused a lot of problems at home and spilled into my school and social life. I skipped a lot of the “fun” young years that kids get in highschool. Because of that when I went to college I had my eyes on the prize and finishing so that I could move on, was what was important to me. I had my share of drunken college nights and I have stories that I will tell for the rest of my life. But I transferred after two years and left behind the best friends I had made there and found it really hard to work my way into friendships that were so strong at my new school. Because of that I went to all my classes, I will graduate with honors in May. And…… I will be happy to go. I am beyond excited to get to the top of the mountain and celebrate my accomplishment.

Like most graduating college students I am worried about getting a good job, but I want to start over. I’m excited to be the new kid. I want the chance to work hard and prove myself in a new environment. I am not sad to leave college and grow up. Yes I’m scared, but I cannot wait for the day that I am handed that diploma and can leave for good, because for me college was not all it is chocked up to be.img_1626


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